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Metal Wall Sculpture – Stainless Steel & Corten Modern Abstract Circle Decor- 10″


Adorn your space with the 10″ Metal Wall Sculpture by Aura Life, a harmonious blend of lustrous stainless steel and warm Corten steel. Handcrafted in the USA for both indoor and outdoor spaces, this modern abstract circle decor offers a versatile, eye-catching accent that’s simple to install. Durable and distinctive, it’s an instant focal point in any decor setting.


Add a reflective accent piece to any indoor or outdoor space. Creating a unique focal point for any indoor or outdoor space, our Asian-inspired metal wall art by Aura Life features two striking halves separated by a jagged opening.

The minimalist sculpture is constructed with bare stainless steel, with a hand-finished natural patina on one half for a unique look that blends well with any home decor. Modern Home Decor Striking in its simplicity, our medallion wall art looks great grouped with other wall art or positioned above a fireplace or a simple tablescape.

The dual-sided unique metal disc is hand crafted with a cutaway center separating the brilliant stainless steel and rusted patina creating a balanced look that is restful to the eye.

Multiple Installation Options Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, our round wall art can be positioned flat against the wall or suspended from the ceiling, a branch, a garden hook, or even the porch. The metal sculpture features a pre-drilled hole for securing to the wall with a wall fastener or threading a strong cord or thin chain.

Our 10” round metal wall art is Artist designed in the USA. Each piece is unique and the shade of the natural patina may vary from sculpture to sculpture.


Diameter: 10”

Thickness: 1/16”

Weight:1 Lb

More information:

Enhance your decor with our 10″ Metal Wall Sculpture, merging stainless steel’s luster with Corten’s natural patina. This modern abstract circle decor, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, offers versatile installation options. Handmade in the USA, it’s a unique piece adding a reflective, artistic touch to any setting.

  • AN EYE-CATCHING FOCAL POINT: Catching the eye with the stark contrast of bare steel and a velvety patina, our Aura Life’s Abstract Metal Sculpture Wall Art creates a relaxing visual display. Zen-inspired, the metal wall art is a beautiful piece for living room decor, library, bedroom, and office and is also suitable for outdoor locations such as a patio, a Japanese garden, rock gardens, and more.
  • UNIQUE WALL DECOR: Blending in with modern, rustic, and farmhouse decor, our abstract wall art is a striking accent piece handcrafted with brushed stainless steel that is weathered on one half. The 10” round disc works well as a standalone piece or in a grouping.
  • OUTDOOR ACCENT: Perfect for decorating outdoor spaces such as gardens, walkways, and patios, our metal wall decor will withstand the weather and look great season after season.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: A single hole is pre-drilled in the round metal wall art piece for easily securing on any wall with either side facing outward. A cord or thin chain can also be threaded through the hole to create a wall-hanging decor or even hang from a branch or shepherd’s hook in your garden.
  • HANDMADE ART: At Aura Life, we take pride in creating handmade unique metal yard art, sculptures, spinners, home decor accents, fountains for homes, businesses, and more. Each piece is visually soothing, promoting calm relaxation.


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